Parts Webshops: Brand recognition leads to better conversion

International Car Distribution Programme (ICDP) – Research Stream: Online Parts

The Internet is huge, millions of websites make up this connected world. Due to this competitive environment webshops for parts need to find new ways to attract the attention of users and potential customers, currently there are two common ways:

1. Generating quality leads
2. Improving search results on search engines

In our research stream “Online Parts”, ICDP analysed the Top 150 online parts webshops in the EU 5 and Russia. These online parts webshops mainly focus on mechanical parts and have a parts catalogue system to identify products and to boost direct order opportunities. Based on this criteria, the leading online parts webshop player is in Russia with approximately 7 million visits per month, followed by Oscaro with 4 million visits per month, and Mister Auto (when adding together the traffic across all the markets where they are present) is approximately 2.5 million. Apart from, the traditional parts distributor Eurocarparts in the UK is also performing well, as a ‘click and collect’ distributor.

Our analysis also shows that car service chains are also present in the online parts world: Norauto, Feuvert, ATU. Halfords specifically in the UK has a high hit-rate of 2 million visits per months. These websites however, are also used for other activities such as service information or service appointments.

We also looked at online parts webshop KPIs. The players Exist, Oscaro, Eurocarparts and KFZTeile24 have outstanding statistics in average time, page views and a low bounce rate compared to their competitors. Online parts webshops who have a good brand recognition perform better at winning quality leads such as “direct channel” or “referrals” and have a better conversion rate. Brand awareness builds a high trust factor, even when consumers use search engines and this brand recognition leads to a click instead of clicking on an unknown webshop.

It is the challenge for each webshop provider to find the right strategy in an increasingly competitive online world. The webshop provider needs to find the right balance in their marketing budget for Search Engine Optimisation and Quality Lead Instruments.



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