Purchase of PI-VI RICAMBI SRL majority share by RENAULT-NISSAN ALLIANC

NEXUS CEO Gael Escribe has welcomed the ongoing commitment of PI-VI RICAMBRI SRL to the independent aftermarket following its purchase by RENAULT-NISSAN ALLIANCE and that it will continue as a NEXUS ITALIA SCARL shareholder and member of NEXUS AUTOMOTIVE INTERNATIONAL.

He said: “The key message for suppliers within the N! community is that PI-VI RICAMBI SRL remains 100% committed to the IAM and this has been confirmed by the company’s
new majority shareholder.

“We are pleased that NEXUS Automotive Italia and NEXUS Automotive International were able to take the opportunity to share future strategies with the new ownership and
that these are entirely in line with the thinking of RENAULT-NISSAN ALLIANCE.

“That this investment comes from an inter-continental alliance that bridges OEM and IAM business models is yet another example of the increasingly global nature of the aftermarket.”

Quelle: Nexus Automotive International

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