Parts webstores’ search engine strategy

Change in online parts webstores’ search engine strategy

Decrease in paid search traffic visibility of parts web-stores

62% visits per month to online parts webstores are generated via search engines. To succeed on the Internet, the webshop needs a favorable position in paid and/or organic results by search engines.

Paid traffic or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines such as Google AdWords – the ads are typically highlighted in the top banner and have another background color.

Organic results are often considered as free traffic as search engines are not paid for clicks on organic results. But it is not “free”. Webshop providers pay for organic search engine optimisation (SEO) to achieve better visibility on the Internet and often need to employ a specialist to help out.
Organic search traffic gains more importance for e-commerce and for parts webstores. Organic search engine remains as the most important source for traffic whilst the share of paid traffic has decreased.

A study by the advertising agency aufgesang compared the statistics of organic search engine traffic of webstores and found that in total, paid traffic decreased from 9.3% to 7.4%. Webstores for car parts follow this decreasing trend in paid traffic of 19%. Furthermore the study recognised a decrease in social media activities in this segment.

Looking at the traffic of the most visited webstores in Europe analysed by ICDP, in the EU5 10% of search engine traffic is paid traffic, however, this varies according to the online marketing strategy of each player. Most German webstores have a high visibility of paid traffic, in particular (44%), (39%), (38%). The highest rate in UK has (32%), in Italy (19%), in France Oscaro (17%) and in Spain (17%).

This demonstrates the competitiveness of the online parts market. A high marketing budget is needed to compete in this cut-throat online market. A longterm investment in organic search engine optimisation and shop-brand reputation could be more effective in the future.


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