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This webinar entitled „Evolution or revolution of the current parts distribution system?“ will start at 10.00 a.m. BST on Wednesday 29th October, joining instructions will be sent to you in advance.

Against the backdrop of a declining the automotive aftermarket in Western Europe, more and more direct competition between vehicle manufacturer and independent aftermarket ‘worlds’, and pressure on parts margins, the volume and value of car parts sold online has been growing steadily over the past decade, to the point where the topic is now high on the agenda for all operators involved in the aftermarket parts business.

The expression ‘online parts’ means different things to different people, and so our initial task in researching this area has been to map out the market environment for online parts sales (mainly mechanical parts, but also other types such as tyres), as well as to analyse the performance and development of some of the major operators in Europe and Russia.

We discovered significant differences between markets regarding the volume of parts sold online, reflecting different stages of market, regulatory, and technological development, but also highlighting different levels of customer willingness to change their traditional parts-buying habits.

Nevertheless, it quickly became clear to us that the internet will have a decisive impact on the overall car parts business in Europe, with significant scope for new entrants and innovative business models to disrupt the status quo. In the webinar, we will address a number of questions:

  • How are B2C and B2B online mechanical parts sales developing around Europe?
  • What are the factors influencing the growth of these channels?
  • Who are the key B2C players, how are they performing today, and what are their future prospects?
  • What overall impact will B2B online operators have on the parts business? What new business models will emerge, and how should ‘traditional’ players respond?

The webinar will appeal to vehicle manufacturers, their franchise networks, OESs and parts wholesalers and distributors, insurance companies and new ‘digital world’ players. The implications of the development of online parts channels will vary by player, but the whole environment is developing very quickly, and so ICDP’s neutral qualitative and quantitative analysis will be valuable for anyone directly or indirectly involved in the parts business.

The format will be a presentation with slides and audio. We have allowed time within the webinar for questions and challenges from participants. The webinar will use the Webex platform, and can be accessed via a web browser on any connected device with speakers – no special software is needed. Following the webinar, we will be happy to engage in follow-up conversations with individual companies on more specific questions related to how these changes might affect them. Given the strategic implications of online parts on the whole aftersales activity, this subject will be covered further in other dedicated ICDP events, over the next few months.

As there is no charge to attend this webinar, there is no need for members to book online, simply send Jane Trace an email in the Project Office janetrace@icdp.net

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